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Our Values & Vision


Exhibiting Authenticity –

In a city suspicious of the veracity of the message of the church and cynical about its purpose, we value openness and honesty. We welcome believers, seekers and skeptics alike to gather in community with us. This honesty reflects itself in Life Groups where lives are shared, in worship where there is not pretense and formalism but transcendence and joy, and in mission where we truly serve Manchester by the way that we live.

Seeing the people of Manchester, NH, freed to worship Christ authentically in community and to seek together the transformation of the city through the gospel in word and action.

Speaking Truth –

We value the absolute truth of God’s word, the Bible, and accept unequivocally the truth God reveals to us in it. We believe that the truths of man’s sin and God’s holiness and grace need not be sacrificed in order to reach the people here. Rather, Manchester needs truth spoken in love in order for people’s lives, families and social structures to be transformed. We will speak truth in a way that Manchester residents will understand, using a variety of methods that meet them where they are.

Showing Integrity –

In a New England culture that has been jaded by the immoral actions of a few, we value honest integrity that, by God’s grace, lives what it believes. In our ministries we stress accountability and responsibility toward those within and without, for God calls us to character and faithfulness.

Embracing Diversity –

Because God created all human beings in his image, we value people of every race, language and nation. We seek to serve those entering our city from across the nation and the world and to model the love of Christ in ways that they can understand and through which they may embrace Him as well.

Demonstrating Love –

The gospel calls us to not only speak truth, but to live it as well. We value the tangible expression of God’s love in acts of mercy and justice to the broken and hurting in Manchester . We seek both to meet immediate needs and to help them toward self-sufficiency so that those receiving mercy may, in time, become agents of mercy themselves.

Our Vision

Seeing the people of Manchester, NH, freed to worship Christ authentically in community and to seek together the transformation of the city through the gospel in word and action.

Our Vision in Action

  • Bringing glory to God through worship that is both ancient and modern.
  • Creating a community that cares for each other in small groups.
  • Multiplying disciples and disciplers individually and in families through the preaching and teaching of God’s word to affect the city, the region and the world.
  • Planting gospel-driven churches throughout Northern New England.
  • Living out the gospel through acts of mercy that equip the needy to show mercy.

Our Mission

To establish, by God’s grace, a gospel-driven, disciple-making, ancient and progressive expression of the body of Christ that God will use to transform this city for His glory.

Multiplying Disciples –

Jesus called us as the church to “make disciples of all nations.” In light of that commission, we value the active sharing of our faith in a relational manner. As people come to faith, we seek to teach them the truths of scripture so that they may, in time, teach others. As this happens, we will seek to plant disciple-making churches around the Manchester area and across Northern New England .

Modeling Dependence –

We believe that all that we have, both as members of the human family and as Christians, comes by the grace of God. Both our status as children of God and our living out God’s commands come as a result of his saving and enabling grace. In light of that, we value strength expressed in dependence on God and his work in Manchester . We are unashamedly committed to prayer for God to work in the lives of people here, and rely on Him even as we work for Him.

Living in Inter-dependence –

As a community of faith, we value each other. We recognize that our effectiveness in glorifying God as we work for the transformation of Manchester is proportional to our dependence on one other. We are committed to meeting regularly in small communities together, to team-oriented ministry and to mentoring relationships in discipleship so that we may live faithfully as the body of Christ in Manchester.

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